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At Stevens State Park, Battery Russell has a bike path said to be haunted by a man in his twenties who holds a flashlight and searches for enemy soldiers. Unexplained sounds also have been reported as well as cold spots and the apparition of a man in fatigues carrying a long knife.

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Geographic Information

100 Peter Iredale Rd
Hammond, OR 97121
United States

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46.178519, -123.96551199999999
Clatsop County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Hammond, OR (1.6 mi.)
Warrenton, OR (2.2 mi.)
Jeffers Garden, OR (5.5 mi.)
Astoria, OR (6.5 mi.)
Chinook, WA (6.6 mi.)
Ilwaco, WA (9.7 mi.)
Gearhart, OR (11.0 mi.)
Long Beach, WA (12.7 mi.)
Seaside, OR (13.0 mi.)
Naselle, WA (14.9 mi.)


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  1. I went here once when I was 18, and pregnant with my first son, and his dad. We left right around dusk on that june day and we heard someone yell Fire, and we actually heard the cannon Boom, and the ground shook too. We ran to our car and then we saw the guy with the lantern follow us almost to the parking lot.

  2. Not only battery Rustle but batteries Clark and Mishler are also haunted. I was walking through battery Clark with a friend of mine one day looking around when we saw a dark figure float across the hall in front of us. It was dark black but we could see the wall through us. A couple seconds later it went back across the hall into a side room. When we pushed back the door the room was empty.

    A few years earlier my family and I took the battery Mishler tour and while we were standing in one of the rooms where the disappearing gun pits are located I was standing in the back of the group and looked back to see a soldier standing behind me. I turned away and back again and he asked me to help him find his way. I was freaked out enough as it was but a few minutes later as we were walking through a corridor and another soldier or what I thought was a soldier, was setting something on a trolly and he looked directly at me.

  3. A few years back, we went to Fort Stevens to go camping. We visited the old battery Russell, and we could hear voices faintly. The feeling of heaviness followed us through all the dark rooms. It felt so depressing. I could “smell” the firing guns. The feeling of death followed us the rest of the day.

  4. Lynne Coughlin  |  

    My son, Alex and I, walked thru he bunkers, you can hear people talking in hushed tones, we went early Sunday morning in off season, no one around tourist wise, 5 other people walking on the far side, so no one around, we felt as if we were being watched by 100’s of eyes, only as if they were just watching, then we saw a man in a long coat up the high wall over looking the water, we stopped for water, looked up again and the man was just gone, as if he has run off quick, we visit the seemingly haunted places in our area mostly for the historical value of the site itself. There are many on the peninsula. Unfortunately we had dead cell batteries because we were on the way hone from a 4 day camp out in nearby Naselle, Wa. Another Spiritually Charged place of interest to us.

  5. While my brother and I were investigating Battery Russell a few years ago, I caught an EVP of a woman saying “yes” in response to a statement my brother had made. This is indicative of an intelligent haunting. Photos of several orbs. Also, a photo of a partial apparition standing at the top of the stairs.

  6. We used to participate in Civil War reenactments every Labor Day Weekend. One time we we pulled up to unpack at our campsite and as I reached for the door handle my arm was scratched. Three 3 to 4 inch parallel thin bloody lines on the bottom of my forearm. We were around blackberry bushes and I would say that was the culprit.. but I hadn’t gotten out of the car yet.

  7. I live in Hammond and tonight was my first time going. While climbing the step up to the very top level of the battery I couldn’t go any further I got dizzy and a feeling as if I couldn’t move. I am not afraid of heights either. I had no clue this place was supposed to be haunted. I just couldn’t shake this uneasy feeling in my gut. We decided to leave because my husband to stated he felt uneasy. This place gave off some seriously creepy vibes.

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