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This is the historic site of the first battle of the American Revolution at which the Stars and Stripes was flown. Legend has it that a British soldier whose head was shot off in the battle still appears here on foggy, moonless nights as a headless apparition.

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Geographic Information

Near Chapel St and Old Baltimore Pike
Newark, DE
United States

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39.639722, -75.72666700000002
New Castle County, Delaware
Nearest Towns:
Brookside, DE (1.9 mi.)
Glasgow, DE (2.6 mi.)
Newark, DE (3.3 mi.)
Bear, DE (3.7 mi.)
Elkton, MD (6.1 mi.)
Pike Creek, DE (6.4 mi.)
Pike Creek Valley, DE (6.8 mi.)
Newport, DE (8.1 mi.)
Wilmington Manor, DE (8.2 mi.)
North Star, DE (8.4 mi.)

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  1. Approximately 4 years ago a few of us had been out doing some paranormal investigations. It was late at night about 10 PM, it had rained earlier and I was near Cooches Bridge. I had heard about the soldier at Cooches Bridge location. As we were driving westbound on Old Baltimore Pike and just coming up to the Cooche’s bridge, one of the people in the car was trying to take pictures with a digital camera of the area while I slowed down. While I was driving slowly and then turning on the side road near the bridge the camera would not work. It worked perfect all night until now. I continued driving and all of a sudden I felt something felt wrong with my vehicle. I got to the first street on my right side and turned into it and u turned and parrked. Before I even got out I now lost my air conditioning, and inside lights. I didn’t know what was going on. When I got out I found I had a flat tire. Needless to say my son came and changed the tire. On my way back home after passing Cooche’s Bridge area I all of a sudden got my air conditioning to come on and the inside lights now were working. The next day my dad took the tire to be repaired and when he went back to pick it up he was told “there was nothing wrong with the tire”. I can only tell you this is the absolute truth and I will not drive anyone of my vehicles over Cooche’s Bridge while trying to take pictures. I am a paranormal investigator and a sensitive and I am sure this phenomena occurred because no pictures were to be taken! I will not attempt to take pictures there out of respect to the deceased and family.

  2. The battle was really a skirmish at the start of the disasterous 1777 season. washington had expected the British to either march accross New Jersey or sail up the delaware to get at the colonial capital. instead they landed in Maryland and marched over land, along a line that not only were there few defenses on but which cut off the southern states from the army.

    This is where the british scouts first ran into the probes Washington sent south. It was a very minor exchange as the colonials fell back, they were scouts, not looking ofr a general engagment.The battle had a total of maybe 40 casualties- dead and wounded ,that’s both sides.

  3. Cooches bridge ghost  |  

    I live on cooches bridge road. Ive been here for 30 years and never heard and seen a t ghost thing. I know mr.cooches. and the family on the farm peoperty. Nothing. And i see noone around but deer and in the field. A million cars pass by daily cause its a very populated suburb, nothing.

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