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If every ghost story about this little church is true, then this place would take the #1 prize as most haunted place on earth. Stories abound from ghostly hell hounds, wailing banshees, confederate army soldiers and so many other reports of haunted happenings that they cannot all be listed here. Definitely a place to go and check out for yourself.

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    Geographic Information

    Oakey Streak Rd
    Red Level, AL 36474
    31.569168136332785, -86.54927659030363
    Butler County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    McKenzie, AL (9.9 mi.)
    Red Level, AL (11.8 mi.)
    Gantt, AL (11.9 mi.)
    Dozier, AL (12.1 mi.)
    Georgiana, AL (12.3 mi.)
    River Falls, AL (15.0 mi.)
    Heath, AL (15.1 mi.)
    Brantley, AL (17.2 mi.)
    Rutledge, AL (18.0 mi.)
    Andalusia, AL (18.4 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. The only way it is haunted is by vandals that have near destroyed this historic early 1800s church. Idiot’s have broken out the windows and doors to the church and tamperd with the headstones. The sheriff’s office is now watching the place an I hear hidden cameras have been placed.

      • this place is haunted. if you dont believe it, go check it out. you dont have to go at night. i was 4wheeling with some friends a few years ago up there and made the mistake of riding around the main building. i did not see anything, but my 4wheeler died. i had to be pushed out and down to the paved road where we waited on the truck and trailer. we took my atv to the shop to be checked. it fired right up. it wouldnt crank back up before then. so we loaded it up and took it home. that night i couldnt sleep from the weird dreams i was having. the next day, i got on my 4wheeler and attempted to start it, with no such luck. called a tech to my house and it fired right up for him, but died when i got on it, and it holding a steady idle. i got off and he got on and again, it fired right up. holding steady idle, as if it were brand new. he held the throttle on my atv at an accellerated idle and again, i climbed on, while he held the throttle, and it died yet again. i then decided to tell him when it started happening, and where. we both exchanged stories of the old church deep in the woods near red level alabama. as i type, i can feel the strange things watching me from the windows and across my yard. ive seen things since then too. the most recent was a pair of small girls playing near a headstone and as i approached, they simply looked up, smiled, and disappeared. everywhere i have been since my trip to consolation church the spirits have followed me. its like im a magnet for the paranormal. and before you call me a quack, i have respected members of the community that will back me up. simply put, cameras or not, ill never return. and its not for fear of being arrested. and just so you know, they cant prosecute for being on the property if the cameras arent visible and a sign posted you are being recorded. kind of a law. all they can tell you to do, if they catch you there, is tell you to leave. its only AFTER that, can you be arrested, and its a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

    2. Who’s responsibility is it to take care of GODS HOUSE? If the house of GOD is a historical place,who is in charge of the up keep?

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