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There have been many reports of bizarre apparitions at this old 1800’s two-storey church, but is believed that the church is now private property. On certain nights, motorists would report seeing glowing red lights moving around the church, and people have also reported seeing an aggressive dog-like entity, that haunts the church and the nearby cemetery. Shadowy apparitions have been observed inside the church, and people have reported seeing terrifying winged creatures in the cemetery and church yard.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

1519 Bear Creek Road
Columbia, TN
United States

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35.42311321427265, -86.93217330555723
Marshall County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Lynnville, TN (5.3 mi.)
Cornersville, TN (6.7 mi.)
Lewisburg, TN (8.3 mi.)
Columbia, TN (14.5 mi.)
Pulaski, TN (16.4 mi.)
Mount Pleasant, TN (17.3 mi.)
Petersburg, TN (18.1 mi.)
Chapel Hill, TN (19.4 mi.)
Summertown, TN (21.4 mi.)
Ethridge, TN (22.0 mi.)


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Comments (9)

  1. Over the weekend, I visited this site.
    As we stopped in the road in front of the church, in order to turn in, the truck died. It has never done this! It just died. We were slightly turned into the oncoming lane and the approaching vehicle had to slow down to go around us! Was something ALREADY trying to harm us?

    As we approached the Church, we took several pictures.
    (You can NOT enter the church. The doors have bars with padlocks.)

    One of those pictures stood out from the rest (attached).

    In the photo, you can see 2 streaks in the sky just above the spire. I did not see these when I took the picture, nor did I see anything odd while I was there. But the feeling of being watched seemed to permeate the air …

    Lastly, in the same photo, look at the top right window. Zoom in on it. Look for a nose in the rectangular window. While to me, “the face” seems to be more of an Aztec drawing (mouth is often exaggerated), I can’t explain it’s appearance in the window.

    But, was this “who” caused the truck to die?
    Was “he” watching us the whole time???

    Happy Ghost Hunting …
    I hope YOU find more!!!

  2. Went there years ago when it was popular. I had to pee really bad when got there,but never anything
    extraordinary. It is in the middle of nowhere and I
    fully expected for Courage the Cowardly Dog to pop out at anytime.To me the place seemed old andisolated or a place forgotten by time. I want to go back one day when have more time if possible.

  3. Okay so I visited this church with my Grandfather about 5 years ago. It was a bright afternoon, so maybe that kind of kept the eerie feeling at bay, but anyway when we approached the building all the doors weren’t just unlocked, they were wide open. Almost like the building expected us,I thought this was strange because I see on here how it’s locked up tight now and even 5 years ago we heard how it was private property and that people got in trouble for be around there all the time. When I went in the place was obviously in distress, the paint was peeling and the stage at the front of the church was bowed and sagging. I could see the red stained window from outside and when I looked up at the ceiling I could barely make out a red glow in between the spaces in the ceiling, there ceiling, from what I remember, was like panels. I think there’s a room up there, but I looked and couldn’t find any stairs or a ladder leading to it. Anyway, I thought I’d share this because I was on here researching about the church and I’m seeing all these comments on how the place is locked up and it has me a little unsettled that when I went (completely spontaneously) that all the doors stood wide open. There’s also an old house on that same road, very run down and very eerie, we went inside that same day and to be honest I got worse vibes in there than I did in the church. I remember that while we were in the house it got very cloudy outside but while we were at the church the sun was shining and the birds were singing and all that happy stuff.

  4. This place is not haunted at all. No one was killed here it was just built in the 1800’s which makes it look creepy. This kind of publicity just causes vandalism. Please stop coming to this place without permission from the owners

  5. I grew up in a nearby county. My husband is from Maury Co. While this site is actually in Marshall Co., because Bear Creek Pike is largely right outside of Columbia and the way many of us go anywhere north (via 65), most of us grew up hearing about it. The church is very cool and it’s a real shame the owners have had to resort to locking it down now but to be honest, I never found it scary. On down the same road however, there used to be a house that always instantly gave me the chills the minute it came into view. I don’t know if anything ever happened there but it was a lot scarier to us than the church ever was. My teenager tells me the house is gone now…I can’t say I’m not a little relieved. As for the church, a lot of the stories about it were bogus…any negative energy was created by the expectations of those visiting and not by the church. Now, this is NOT the “black mass” church also found off the pike…I think a lot of people are getting them mixed up. That place is evil and I will never go there again nor will I even tell anyone how to get there.

  6. If you go there now you will be prosecuted.. The owner and the locals will prosecute anyone tresspassing on private property.

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