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This historic Civil War National Park battlefield from 1862, where many lives were lost, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of soldiers and the sounds of phantom gunfire and shouts, drum beats and war songs. Some visitors have presumed to be looking at reenactors playing a part in a historic scene, only for them to vanish right before their eyes. Many other sites nearby are said to be haunted as well.

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Geographic Information

5831 Dunker Church Rd
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
United States

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39.4741532, -77.74456629999997
Washington County, Maryland
Nearest Towns:
Sharpsburg, MD (1.2 mi.)
Mercersville, MD (2.1 mi.)
Keedysville, MD (2.5 mi.)
Bakersville, MD (2.9 mi.)
Mount Briar, MD (3.8 mi.)
Antietam, MD (4.0 mi.)
Tilghmanton, MD (4.1 mi.)
Fairplay, MD (4.3 mi.)
Shepherdstown, WV (4.4 mi.)
Breathedsville, MD (5.0 mi.)

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  1. Many times my mom and i drive around the bend right where the new visitor center is and three-souilder’s shadows run across the road right in the path of the head lights.
    Also I’ve seen many soldiers “figures” walking/running along the fence. It’s insane.

    I live in Downtown Frederick. There are no doubts that these lands are haunted.

  2. One night my family and I went to Antietam Battlefield at night on a lantern tour through the park. There were re enactors in front of a fire in the dead of night, but what I saw behind them were soldiers doing the “ready aim fire” thing. And one of the soldiers stared right at me for ten seconds, then totally dissipated. I have no doubt in my mind that the battlefield is haunted. Nothing can explain what I saw.

  3. Just a friendly reminder that the park may have doubled in size since 1990, but it’s not a huge open area like Gettysburg. There is a lot of private property. Remember to be courteous and respectful of the Sharpsburg/ Antietam residents. Don’t ignore fences and “No Trespassing” signs, etc. Yes, Antietam is definitely haunted! The visitor’s center closes at 5 and the rest of the park closes at sunset, but the spirits don’t mind the daylight! And if your time there is limited, take all the photos and recordings you can, noting where and when they were taken. When you get home you can relax, taking your time to go through it all. Happy Hunting!

  4. Hi Sheperstown u do know the 21th of July is coming up hmmm reinactment is going to happens its 40 centerys later u tell u nick. Haunted one good luck man thats why all the souden phothink nick think.

  5. I was with my at the time husband and my brother. We were on a hill overlooking Burnside Bridge. It was like an overlook at the edge of a very steep cliff, with a lot of rocks and vegetation on a VERY hot and sticky day. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, came an elderly man climbing over the railing in clothes made of wool and butternut in color, and he was not out of breath or sweating in the least. He walked behind me and from my right side I heard him say, “kinda makes ya stop and think for a minute, don’t it?” I turned to my right to look him in the eye and say, Yeah, it sure does!” But to our bewilderment he was gone! Poof! As quickly as he appeared, he vanished. I’ll never forget it.

  6. I went there with my mom and brother one day as we walked around I could hear the footsteps of clacking shoes around use like there were soldiers near by, but nope only me and my family and yes, we were wearing sneakers. Also, we heard a cannon bomb fire and that was very strange because they were only for display.

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