Haunted Places in Goshen, Virginia

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    Virginia Military Institute

    Lexington, Virginia

    14 miles from Goshen, VA

    Virginia Military Institute, which originally opened in 1839 and has boasted famous professors of the likes of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including an apparition of a hanged man. Jackson’s possessions and the skeleton of his horse are displayed in the chapel. Students have ...

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    Southern Virginia University

    Buena Vista, Virginia

    18.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    The former Southern Virginia College, now Southern Virginia University, is said to be haunted by a young boy who rides his bicycle up and down the hallway of the fourth floor od a woman's dormitory carrying a red balloon. Some also say his mother's ghost haunts the third floor, looking ...

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    The Natural Bridge Hotel

    Natural Bridge, Virginia

    24.8 miles from Goshen, VA

    Legend has it that a former owner went mad and killed his wife and children in the hotel. Some say the apparitions of various members of the family have been seen around the grounds in the night.

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    Belle Grae Inn - Ubon Thai Victorian Inn

    Staunton, Virginia

    25.5 miles from Goshen, VA

    This inn is haunted by Mrs. Bagsby, a spirit who has resided here since the 1800s. Mrs. Bagsby unlocks doors and plays other tricks; it is said that she has been known to cause the inn's hot water supply to bypass the room of a guest that she doesn't like. ...

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    Thornrose House

    Staunton, Virginia

    25.6 miles from Goshen, VA

    This historic home now operates as a bed and breakfast called "Thornrose House". The B&B has a room called "Caroline's Room" which allegedly has been a hot-spot for ghostly apparitions. The bed and breakfast is under new management as of Spring 2014.

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    Mary Baldwin College

    Staunton, Virginia

    26 miles from Goshen, VA

    Mary Baldwin College is a four-year liberal arts women's college based in Staunton, VA. It was founded in 1842, and was originally called the Augusta Female Seminary. There are several reported ghosts at the college: A ghost known as "Richard" haunts the several areas, including the Administration Building, Wenger Hall and ...

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    Western State Hospital - Dejarnette Building

    Staunton, Virginia

    26.6 miles from Goshen, VA

    Western State Hospital, a fancy resort-style asylum called Western State Lunatic Asylum in its early years, was originally built in the 1820s. In 1905 it was taken over by Dr. Joseph Dejarnette, under whose authority patients were tortured. When the hospital moved in the 1970s the building became the Staunton ...

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    Winton Country Club

    Amherst, Virginia

    35.4 miles from Goshen, VA

    Winton Country Club, constructed in 1769, was the home of Sarah Winston Syme Henry, mother of patriot Patrick Henry. Legend has it that when Patrick Henry visited during the American Revolution, he had to secrete himself from the enemy in a pile of hay here. Rumors also say that Sarah ...

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    Sweet Briar College

    Amherst, Virginia

    37.3 miles from Goshen, VA

    Sweet Briar College was founded in 1901, and since then has accumulated several ghosts. The college was founded by Indiana Fletcher Williams in memory of her daughter Daisy, who died in 1884 at age 16. "Miss Indie" died in 1900, but her ghost is said to make itself known throughout ...

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    Bridgewater College

    Bridgewater, Virginia

    39.5 miles from Goshen, VA

    Cole Hall at the est.-1880 Bridgewater College is rumored to be haunted by its namesake, Dr. Charles Knox Cole. Built in 1929 by Cole's daughter, Mrs. Virginia Garber Cole Strickler, the hall is an auditorium, and Mr. Cole's ghost is said to attend the plays shown there. The ghost sits ...

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    Randolph College

    Lynchburg, Virginia

    41.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    Randolph College, founded in 1891 as Randolph-Macon's Woman's College, is said to be haunted. One haunted spot is Mary's Garden, named after Mary Stokes. Student legend says if you stray from the path and cross the garden, you will never graduate or never marry. Another story tells of a student ...

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    Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

    Goshen, West Virginia

    42.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    The Droop Mountain Battlefield was the site of an 1863 battle. Folks have reported soldiers' apparitions, some headless, in the fog that comes rolling over the mountain.

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    Avenel Plantation

    Bedford, Virginia

    44.8 miles from Goshen, VA

    Built around 1838 by William M. Burwell and his wife Frances Steptoe, the historic home eventually, in 1985, was purchased by the Avenel Foundation, a non-profit organization known to restore and preserve historic Avenel. A ghostly Lady in White has been seen walking on the grounds and in the halls, ...

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    By the Side of the Road Bed and Breakfast

    Harrisonburg, Virginia

    45.5 miles from Goshen, VA

    This historic b&b was built just a bit after the American Revolution, and it was used a Civil War hospital in 1864. It is said that when the area was burned by Union soldiers, the flame-retardant building just wouldn't catch fire, so it became a sort of haven during the ...

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    Virginia Quilt Museum

    Harrisonburg, Virginia

    46.6 miles from Goshen, VA

    This 1856 antebellum home was formerly known as the Warren-Sip House, and during the Civil War, it served as a hospital for wounded soldiers. Visitors to the current museum have reported sighting the apparition of a Confederate soldier on the second floor of the building. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Jeters Chapel of the Brethren Cemetery

    Vinton, Virginia

    49.4 miles from Goshen, VA

    Jeters Chapel of the Brethren Cemetery, according to reports, is haunted by a man in a white robe who floats near the center of the cemetery.

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    Historic General Lewis Inn

    Lewisburg, West Virginia

    53.1 miles from Goshen, VA

    The 1929 inn is said to be haunted by at least three ghosts. The most well known is a Lady in White who haunts Room 208. Her identity is unknown, a portrait of her hangs in the room. Also residing here is the ghost of a slave named Reuben, rumored ...

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    The Patrick Henry Hotel

    Roanoke, Virginia

    55.2 miles from Goshen, VA

    At this 1925 hotel, not only living guests can be found. Three ghostly men are said to stand around in the ballroom, keeping an eye on things. On the second floor, there is a man's apparition who smokes a pipe and sits at one of the tables. Those with sharp ...

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    Hutton House Bed and Breakfast

    Huttonsville, West Virginia

    56.6 miles from Goshen, VA

    Built in 1898 by Eugene Elihu Hutton, the Queen Anne-style Victorian home is now an inn, and is believed to be haunted. Folks say that at 5 a.m. the unexplained smell of baking bread wafts through the inn, although the kitchen is closed and the ovens are cold.

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    Charlottesville, Virginia

    56.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    People believe that Jefferson has never left his beloved Monticello and they claim to see Jefferson's ghost wandering the grounds and also to hear whistling, something that Jefferson was prone to doing as he toured the property.

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    The Lafayette Inn

    Stanardsville, Virginia

    61.4 miles from Goshen, VA

    Rumor has it that a phantom bloodstain in the foyer returns daily from a Confederate soldier who long ago committed suicide after the stress of learning his wife had been unfaithful with a Yankee soldier. The soldier's ghost is said to wander the halls at night with a pistol, still ...

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    Castle Hill Manor

    Keswick, Virginia

    65.6 miles from Goshen, VA

    Castle Hill Manor is a privately owned historic mansion said to be haunted by a female ghost who wears perfume and sometimes appears in a room known as the pink bedroom. Former owner Amelie Rives is suspected to linger here in spirit as well.

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    Graceland Inn and Conference Center

    Elkins, West Virginia

    67.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    This inn, restaurant and conference center is said to be haunted by several entities: a ghost named Grace, senator Henry Davis, a former servant named Katie, and another former servant who was beaten to death and buried in the basement.

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    Bremo Plantation

    Bremo Bluff, Virginia

    68 miles from Goshen, VA

    One house here is said to be haunted by Anne Blaws Barraud Cocke, wife of John Hartwell Cocke, War of 1812 brigadier general and the builder of the plantation estate.

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    Civil War Museum - Exchange Hotel

    Gordonsville, Virginia

    72.1 miles from Goshen, VA

    The Civil War Museum at the Exchange Hotel is rumored to house some residents who died over a century ago. The hotel became a hospital in 1862, and was considered America’s first triage hospital. One of the ghosts here is believed to be a Union corporal who was the last ...

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    Lyric Theatre

    Blacksburg, Virginia

    72.5 miles from Goshen, VA

    The historic theater opened in 1930, and at least some the weird occurrences here, some say, may stem from a workman who was killed during its construction. Employees have described footsteps on stairways, phantom muttering, cold breezes, and a woman shrieking, sometimes saying over and over "Let me out!"

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    Holiday Inn - University / Blacksburg

    Blacksburg, Virginia

    73 miles from Goshen, VA

    This hotel lies on the site of a former plantation called Jacob's Lantern. At Attitudes, the hotel bar and nightclub, laughter and voices can be heard after hours when the place is closed and empty. Guests often ask the hotel manager to turn the music down when no music is ...

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    Longwood University

    Farmville, Virginia

    76.8 miles from Goshen, VA

    A spooky story surrounds the statue of the Confederate Hero, dedicated Oct. 11, 1900, on High Street. Legend has it that when you can see the statue’s shadow on the wall of the camupus' East Ruffner Building, all is well. When you cannot, the soldier's ghost is out protecting the ...

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    The Inn At Willow Grove

    Orange, Virginia

    76.8 miles from Goshen, VA

    Strange things are afoot at the Inn at Willow Grove. Folks have reported hearing noises from vacant rooms and mysterious footsteps. The apparitions of Confederate soldiers also have been witnessed sitting under a large tree in front of the inn.

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    Mayhurst Inn

    Orange, Virginia

    76.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    At this 1859 inn, folks have reported some strange happenings. There is a general feeling of being watched, and in the Madison Room, some have found the windows to open by themselves.

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    Conyers House

    Sperryville, Virginia

    79.1 miles from Goshen, VA

    A man named Sim Wright lived here from 1924 to 1964, with his wife Martha. It is said that he still haunts the inn to this day.

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    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    Weston, West Virginia

    89.7 miles from Goshen, VA

    Once the Weston State Hospital, the asylum is said to be haunted by former patients who passed away there. The plentitude of paranormal phenomena heard, seen, and felt here has prompted its appearance on TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

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    Haw Branch Plantation

    Amelia Court House, Virginia

    90.1 miles from Goshen, VA

    The circa-1735 Haw Branch Plantation, first settled by Colonel Thomas Tabb and wife Rebecca Booker, is the site of many strange occurrences such as footsteps, nighttime sounds of heavy objects falling, and an unexplained rose perfume scent. A loud scream regularly comes from the attic, at about 6-month intervals, and ...

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    Wilderness Road Regional Museum

    Dublin, Virginia

    90.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    Wilderness Road Regional Museum is said to be haunted by an apparition of a young woman who walks the ground or stands in the window. The lights are known to flicker here as well.

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    Belle Grove Plantation

    Middletown, Virginia

    96.3 miles from Goshen, VA

    Belle Grove Plantation, built between 1794 and 1797, was once the home of Revolutionary War veteran Major Isaac Hite, Jr. (President James Madison’s brother-in-law) and was the headquarters of General Philip Sheridan during the Battle of Cedar Creek. It is believed to be haunted by an apparition of a woman ...

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    Lanier House

    Danville, Virginia

    97 miles from Goshen, VA

    The Lanier House, the oldest documented residence in the city, was built in 1830 by Danville's first mayor, Captain James Lanier. Although the structure now holds law offices, it has been the office of the city's first pediatrician as well as a private residence. It is said to be haunted; ...

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    Danville Museum - Sutherlin Mansion

    Danville, Virginia

    97.3 miles from Goshen, VA

    The Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History, located inside the Sutherlin Mansion (originally built for William T. Sutherlin in 1859), has been called the "Last Capitol of the Confederacy." It was here that Jefferson Davis spent long hours staring out the parlor window after he heard the news of ...

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    Wayside Theatre

    Middletown, Virginia

    97.6 miles from Goshen, VA

    Wayside Theatre is believed to be the forever home to a ghost of a former caretaker who perished in a fire. His activity centers on the back-porch costume storage, the basement, and the balcony. Seat CC1 is often found to be mysteriously lowered.

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    Wayside Inn

    Middletown, Virginia

    97.7 miles from Goshen, VA

    Wayside Inn is reported to be the oldest inn in the U.S. that is still in operation. Room 14 is rumored to be haunted and is the source of the most unusual happenings in the inn. However, witnesses have seen and heard strange things all over the inn.

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    Old Hampshire County Jail

    Romney, West Virginia

    101.9 miles from Goshen, VA

    Built in the late 1700s, the old jail has a legend attached. It seems that in the late 1800s a sheriff was shot to death by a gang of bandits on the staircase leading between the jail and the attached brick building, which was the jailer's family home. He was ...

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    Kingwood Public Library

    Kingwood, West Virginia

    103.1 miles from Goshen, VA

    The circa-1966 library is said to be haunted. Witnesses report noises and footsteps, objects that move on their own, doors that open and close by themselves, and books that jump off the shelves. A jail that once stood on the site is believed by some to be the source of ...

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    Major Graham Mansion

    Max Meadows, Virginia

    105.7 miles from Goshen, VA

    The historic mansion is believed to be haunted by the spirits of folks from its past. Paranormalists have collected electric voice phenomna and seen apparitions. The property is reported to be open for history and ghost tours during some times of year, and is available for investigation by paranormalist groups ...

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    Abram's Delight

    Winchester, Virginia

    109 miles from Goshen, VA

    Abram's Delight was the residence of five generations of the Hollingsworth family, beginning with Abraham Hollingsworth in the mid-1700s. It is now a historic museum complex and is rumored to be haunted by Mary, the daughter of David Hollingsworth, and perhaps one other gentleman ghost. The gentleman appears as a ...

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    Cork Street Tavern

    Winchester, Virginia

    109.5 miles from Goshen, VA

    The restaurant building here dates back to 1827, and Cork Street Tavern by name to 1985. Two ghosts are said to reside here, John and Emily. John Mann's spirit wears a long black frock coat, and Emily's voice is often heard calling John's name. The ghosts play tricks by moving ...

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    Poor House Farm Park

    Martinsburg, West Virginia

    128.5 miles from Goshen, VA

    The original stone house in the historic park is believed to be haunted. Witnesses say they have felt a heavy presence inside, during which it is difficult to breathe. Also, a soldier's apparition has been spotted on the park grounds.

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